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LavenderPop Greeting Cards are a dynamic line of multicultural cards. Also sold under the name THE DIVERSITY COLLECTION. Lavenderpop Cards offer a diverse mix of cards for everyday occasions like Birthdays, Dating, Get Well, Thinking Of You, Thank You, LGBT/SGL pride, and more. We have designs for most major holidays including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas.

otis vendor promontory march 2015(Card vendor at Handmade Hyde Park Artist Bazaar and Farmer’s Market in Chicago, March 15, 2015)

All designs created by nationally published artist Otis Richardson.  You can purchase cards here, or visit our blog for updates on LavenderPop Cards.

Take a look at some of our everyday occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, dating and romance, and get well…and new designs coming in March of 2015!

Special Offer for Organizations

special_SPECIAL OFFER for Non-Profits, Health, HIV/AIDS, and Social Organizations
Offering LavenderPop Cards to your constituents is a great way to present positive images and make some extra money. Great for cash strapped agencies.

For an initial investment of $115 you receive:

  • One 6-pocket wire rack, perfect for hanging flat on a wall.
  • A minimum of 6 packs of cards
  • Free shipping.


Blog News

Hyde Park Grocery and Deli is our latest and greatest retail partner. They also have an awesome Facebook page