Special Offer for Organizations

special_SPECIAL OFFER for Non-Profits, Health, HIV/AIDS, and Social Organizations
Offering LavenderPop Cards to your constituents is a great way to present positive images and make some extra money. Great for cash strapped agencies.

For an initial investment of $115 you receive:

  • One 6-pocket wire rack, perfect for hanging flat on a wall.
  • A minimum of 6 packs of cards
  • Free shipping.

Cards are shrink-wrapped in packs of 12 each with matching envelopes.

The retail value of this offer is over $200!

Two Options

1) Select the cards you want and make sure to select Wholesale in drop down menu, then purchase the wire rack.

~ or ~

2) We’ll select an assortment of cards for you.
Just add our Special Offer to your cart.

You may also phone (773) 858-0057


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