LavenderPop Greeting Cards: History & Mission

Mission: Our mission is to offer a range of cards to celebrate relationships, friendships, love and pride. Lavenderpop is inspired by pop culture, graphic design, social revolutionaries, humanism, a good dance beat, and a celebration of diversity.

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Otis Richardson recognized his gift for art at an early age. He has studied painting and illustration on the undergraduate and graduate levels, obtaining a Masters of Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University. His work has been featured in publications by Windy City Media, THING-Black queer zine, and nationally in Sophisticate Black Hair magazine, and the book “Out and Proud in Chicago”. His paintings have appeared in several exhibitions including the 2016 Black Creativity at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago.

He is a contributor to Fat Gurrl Ink Greeting Cards (Big Beautiful Women) and a member of the Soka Gakkai International Buddhists.

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Special Thanks to members of the Richardson family for providing the earliest support for Lavenderpop.