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Mother’s Day (Pride)

MOTHERS DAY pride 2011Text inside of card:

Your love and acceptance has meant more

than words can say.

My pride abounds because of your

unconditional love.

Happy Mother’s Day

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Bi The Way

bi_the_wayText inside of card:

How often have I heard
that those of us who love both genders
just can’t decide.
My love is not limited to a body,
but is attracted to the soul.
My world has been made whole
by having you in it.

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Honoring The Pioneers Among Us

honor_pioneersText inside of card:

As we recognize the progress we have made
towards our equality, let us honor the
pioneers who have paved the way…
the well known and the unsung.
In celebrating their spirit, we also celebrate
the contributions you are making for our
community’s empowerment.

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Community Diversity

community_diversityText inside of card:

We are many voices
and many experiences.
Lets acknowledge our differences
and celebrate our diversity.
May we move together
towards a more loving society
by respecting each other’s humanity.

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gaydarText inside of card:

My gaydar is finely tuned and
highly accurate.



Youth Pride

youth_prideText inside of card:

Who I am is not a lifestyle choice.
I was born this way and I will rejoice.
Some are lucky to have
a family who accepts us.
But if they don’t we make our own
because we must.
I am made in the image of perfection.
Those who stand in judgement
should check their own reflection.
I will protect myself
because I am worth it.
I will reach my goals and will not quit!

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Prevention Starts With Me

preventionText inside of card:

As you look at your reflection,
you see someone who is loved
by the Creator.
In a world that does not always see
your true beauty, know that you are loved
just as you are.
You are a uniquely fabulous miracle.
Love yourself
Respect yourself
Protect yourself
You mean so much.

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