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Sexy Birthday – Female (1)

Text inside of card:

Styles may come and go,

but your friendship is timeless.

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lavenderpop site diversity collection Facebook frienship artText inside of card:

I click with you.

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Community Diversity

community_diversityText inside of card:

We are many voices
and many experiences.
Lets acknowledge our differences
and celebrate our diversity.
May we move together
towards a more loving society
by respecting each other’s humanity.

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gaydarText inside of card:

My gaydar is finely tuned and
highly accurate.



U R Unique

u_r_uniqueText inside of card:

You possess a creative mind
and a stylish exterior.

Not afraid to color outside the lines.

Continue on your own path
and let the world follow.

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Thinking of You

thinking_of_youText inside of card:

Sending you encouragement to
‘bloom’ and triumph
over whatever life sends your way.

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For Someone Special

someone_specialText inside of card:

You have an inner spirit
that makes you beautiful
inside and out.

I wanted to share how special you are
and how much you are appreciated.

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Prevention Starts With Me

preventionText inside of card:

As you look at your reflection,
you see someone who is loved
by the Creator.
In a world that does not always see
your true beauty, know that you are loved
just as you are.
You are a uniquely fabulous miracle.
Love yourself
Respect yourself
Protect yourself
You mean so much.

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