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lavenderpop site diversity collection Facebook frienship artText inside of card:

I click with you.

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Happy Anniversary

anniversaryText inside of card:

My love for you is as constant as
the changing of time and seasons.
Through the highs and the lows,
we have held on to
the love that first brought us together.
Happy Anniversary

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gaydarText inside of card:

My gaydar is finely tuned and
highly accurate.



Thinking of You

thinking_of_youText inside of card:

Sending you encouragement to
‘bloom’ and triumph
over whatever life sends your way.

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Forgive Me

forgive_meText inside of card:

I did a foolish thing
without thinking about your feelings.
My actions hurt, and for that I am truly sorry.
I can’t ask you to forget,
but I ask that you forgive.
Please give me the chance to prove myself
and repair your trust in me.

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To My Boo

to_my_booText inside of card:

We look so good together.
Others start hatin’ when they
should know better.
I love the times we spend as two.
You are my one and only boo.

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In Your Arms

in_your_armsText inside of card:

The look in your eyes.
The feel of your hands
as they touch my skin.
Wherever we are,
I feel at home in your arms.
With every embrace,
your heart matches the rhythm of mine.

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Embracing You

embracing_youText inside of card:

Our love grows stronger
with each experience we share.
Thank you for being in my life
and making me a better man.

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What’s My Type

whats_my_typeText inside of card:

Some have a fantasy image of Mr. Right.
They got it down to his skin tone,
eye color, hair, and height.
I don’t really have a picture painted in my head.
I prefer to have a soul connection instead.
You’re a special man who defies any category.
Meeting you has been a joy, and that’s no story.

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