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Sexy Birthday – Female (1)

Text inside of card:

Styles may come and go,

but your friendship is timeless.

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lavenderpop site diversity collection Facebook frienship artText inside of card:

I click with you.

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gaydarText inside of card:

My gaydar is finely tuned and
highly accurate.



Thinking of You

thinking_of_youText inside of card:

Sending you encouragement to
‘bloom’ and triumph
over whatever life sends your way.

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Forgive Me

forgive_meText inside of card:

I did a foolish thing
without thinking about your feelings.
My actions hurt, and for that I am truly sorry.
I can’t ask you to forget,
but I ask that you forgive.
Please give me the chance to prove myself
and repair your trust in me.

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To My Boo

to_my_booText inside of card:

We look so good together.
Others start hatin’ when they
should know better.
I love the times we spend as two.
You are my one and only boo.

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In Your Arms

in_your_armsText inside of card:

The look in your eyes.
The feel of your hands
as they touch my skin.
Wherever we are,
I feel at home in your arms.
With every embrace,
your heart matches the rhythm of mine.

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Embracing You

embracing_youText inside of card:

Our love grows stronger
with each experience we share.
Thank you for being in my life
and making me a better man.

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What’s My Type

whats_my_typeText inside of card:

Some have a fantasy image of Mr. Right.
They got it down to his skin tone,
eye color, hair, and height.
I don’t really have a picture painted in my head.
I prefer to have a soul connection instead.
You’re a special man who defies any category.
Meeting you has been a joy, and that’s no story.

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